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MYDROS20 - Twenty years anniversary concert of Mydros Greek band

In September 2021, Mydros Greek Band celebrated their 20th anniversary with a two-day event in Budapest, at the Bulgarian Cultural Centre.  They celebrated not only the band's birthday, but also the formation of a great community, that not only comes together for weekly dance houses or summer holidays, but also forms a friendly network around them.

The program began with a concert by Mydros and their friends, and continued with a dance party until dawn. The band was very happy that six great musician friends accepted the invitation to the concert, and also Philipas Papavasziliu, Artisstep dance ensemble, and Ritmosaic percussion ensemble. The show was narrated by Christos Petridis. Traditional Greek music was performed by an excellent Greek folk music ensemble, Giagkini, whose members were already known by Mydros' audience since 2017 when they played together on a Greek summer holiday trip.



  • Mydros band : Athina Csyef (vocals), Lavínia Virágh (vocals), Nikolaos Stavropulos (buzuki), Gábor Smuk (accordion), Tamás Smuk (darbuka, guitar)

  • Guest musicians: Sterios Papalexis (buzuki), Nikolas Adonis Mantzourakis (buzuki, guitar, baglama), Tibor Fonay (bass guitar / bass), György Mihály (drums), Etelka Pallai (keyboards)

  • Giagkini band : Panagiotis Tournas (vocals, Pontian lira), Dimitris Chrysopoulos (clarinet), Giannis Gkraikos (dauli, tuberleki), Nikos Sidiropulos (lauto)

  • Ritmosaic band : Tamás Smuk, Dávid Krolikowski, Mohammed Nur, Varga Merse

  • Philipas Papavasziliu and Giorgos Antonopoulos  (dance)

  • Artisstep dance ensemble : Alexis Tzemis, Giorgos Antonopoulos, Vaggelis Tzemis (dance)

  • Petridis Christos (conference)

Valuable travel voucher prizes were drawn, offered by our travel agency partners Grand Tours and Anett Tours, to whom we owe the most beautiful Greek summer memories of the last twenty years!


The main sponsor of the event was the Greek Ethnic Self-Government of Ferencváros, using tender support of Csoóri Sándor Alap subsidy provided by Hungary's Ministry of Human Resources.


Other sponsors: Greek Minority Self-Governments of Budapest and its 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 18th 21st districts, Greek Minority Self-Governments of Beloiannisz, Érd, Szeged, Tatabánya, Vác, Serbian Minority Self-Government of 10th district, Opanke Serbian Cultural Association, "Balkan Hangja" Cultural Association.

Our helpers

  • Online ticket sales, invoicing:  Gyöngyi Fonay-Botlik, Annamária Netye

  • Volunteers:  László Szeltner, István Bartos, Éva D. Nagy, Gyöngyi Fonay-Botlik, Daniella György-Krunity, Sophocles Nikakis, Teodóra Ivanova,  Annamária Netye, Zsuzsi Penkó, Bettina Sárkány, Edina Strázsa, Jannisz Szertaridisz, Erika Grúz

  • Big thanks to: AFilm (video recording), Ilektra Agárdi & MTV Rondó Staff (TV recording), Bulgarian Cultural Center (event venue), CBA Greek Delicacy (Greek drinks), Giorgos Antonopoulos (translation), Hanguru Rendezvénytechnika Szolgáltató Kft. (sound equipment), Péter Marlyin (transport), Mehala Kft. (Catering), Gábor Mészáros (photography), Nikolett Miliosz (Legal advice), Piramis Kft (sound and light equipent), Antalné Smuk (selection of archive photos), Valéria Szőke (accommodation), Alexandra Vámos (mixing), Mátyás Varga (mixing, recording), Edit Vengrinyák (translation)

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