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Her parents achieved great success in classical music, his Kossuth Prize-winning mother, Mária Zádori, sings on more than 40 records, mainly Renaissance and Baroque works. Lavi accidentally got involved in the Greek dance clubs, where she immediately fell in love with this music, studied Greek language for years, and listens almost only to Greek music. We noticed her talent at a singing competition.




Tina's mother is of Greek origin, so it's no wonder that her daughters have been listening to Greek music since they were little, and both are talented in singing. Before Mydros, Athina won folk song competitions, and in addition to Greek, she also performed Hungarian and Spanish folk songs. He also achieved success in the pop music industry.



Buzuki, guitar

He received his bouzouki as a gift from his Greek father for his primary school graduation. He also listened to Greek bands from an early age, and as soon as he got his bouzouki, his talent was immediately apparent. We noticed him at a Greek event when he performed as a guest musician with the band Taverna. We were extremely lucky to find an enthusiastic bouzouki player of the same age. We quickly became good friends, Niko learned the new songs, and after a few weeks he played the entire repertoire with us.



Percussion, guitar

The youngest member of the band, but he amazes the audience with his instrument. He got his first darbuka when he was in kindergarten, which has been his favorite instrument ever since. He learned to play drums in a self-taught way, based on Arabic recordings, and combines Greek rhythms with Arabic technique in his playing. He acquired the basics of music at a music school, where he studied violin and drumset. In addition to percussion, he also plays guitar in Mydros.



accordion / management

The manager of the band, started playing music at a young age. As a child, he fell in love with Greek and Balkan music in the local dance clubs, where he got to through his parents, and even then his dream of founding a real, own band with his brother was formulated. He attended a music school for more than eight years, where he studied classical music on violin and accordion. He manages two businesses that provide the background for the band, and on weekdays he works for an international company.

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