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Mydros & Grand Tours Vacation

August 1-8, 2020 Corfu, Sidari


The band Mydros, together with the Grand Tours Travel Agency, is organizing a group holiday in Greece again this year for the band's friends and audience. It is the destination of our tenth vacation  the fabulous island of Corfu, and within it the town of Sidari .

Grand Tours is August 1-8. 7-night shift between (July 31-August 9, including bus)  he set aside two apartments for us, called Koursaros and Katerina .  

How to apply:  

  1. Please read carefully the pages of Grand Tours about Corfu and the pages of the two booked apartments ( Koursaros /  Katerina ). ​​

  • Under the "Rooms" menu you can tour virtually each room, and under "Prices" you can find the participation fees.   

  • The rooms have a maximum occupancy that cannot accommodate an extra bed.  

  1. See the online booking table for the apartment ( Koursaros booking  / Katerina reservation ) from which you can find out which rooms are available (green) in the August 1-8 shift.

  2. When you have decided which room you would like to book, please:

    • Prepare your data  

    • Sign up on the Grand Tours page (or log in )

    • When you are ready to make an online booking, preferably during business hours,  call Eleni at + 3620-341-1630 and let them know that you will be booking as a member of the Mydros group.

    • Make an online reservation. Koursaros booking  / Katerina reservation )

    • THE  There are two types of advance payment available for our group: credit card and bank transfer.  

If you have any questions, please first read the Grand Tours page first, where all the information is up to date. If you still need help, please write an email to and the .

We hope to spend one of the best vacations of our lives together this year, we look forward to seeing you!

Mydros & Grand Tours

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